Why I love photography???

Photography is magic. The most beautiful way to steal all those unforgettable moments we lived through from oblivion. The magic of photography is also in the fact that we never know where our golden moment awaits. Sometimes I make over 1000 km in few days and don’t achieve any important work, and on the other side sometimes I walk for 5 minutes and I experience rarely seen magic. When someone asks “what is important to make good photography???” my favorite answer is “To be there“. And it’s realy like that. What’s the use having the most advenced cameras and most expnesive objectives and other equipment if you stay in your apartment and watch TV. So, go outside and photograph as much you can, and real photographies will come sooner or later by themselves. It shouldn’t be hard for you to get up in the morning day after day and go to the same place just to wait for shadow to fall on the right place in the right time. Once you see the vision you had long ago on photography, you will be overwhelmed by happiness, and no effort will be comparable to that. And don’t be impatient. Sometimes I realy walk 20 kilometers and don’t photograph anything. In these moments, when you get back home tired and without any good photographs, you have to know that it is just credit that will pay back multiple throughout excellent photographs that will come almost by themselves.

Magic is waiting for you

Go out, magic is waiting for you

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