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April 14th, 2005

Noćna fotografija

Vrijeme od sumraka do zore će vam omogućiti stvaranje prekrasnih fotografija koje će odisati s posebnom atmosferom. Naravno da bi postigli sve to trebate se držati osnovnih pravila za dobru fotografiju koja su identična bilo da se radi o dnevnoj ili noćnoj fotografiji. Dakle morat će te paziti na odabir motiva, kompoziciju i ekspoziciju. Ono što noćnu fotografiju čini posebnom su uglavnom duža vremena ekspozicije zbog manje dostupnog svjetla. To će od vas iziskivati i dodatnu opremu koja se sastoji od nezaobilaznog stativa i poželjnog daljinskog okidača. Dok ćete bez daljinskog još nekako i moći bez stativa ne trebate niti pomišljati o ozbiljnijoj noćnoj fotografiji. Također vam preporučam i to da u svoj ruksak stavite jednu baterijsku lampu većeg dometa koja će vam olakšati fokusiranje koje je ponekad nemoguće bez nje. Uza sve ovo morate dobro poznavati i svoj fotoaparat odnosno njegove noćne mogućnosti ( max. vrijeme ekspozicije, otvor blende, ISO ….)
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April 11th, 2005

Canon inc. help us

You spew out a grand total of 2000$ for Canon gear and, after a month of use, this is what you get – a faulty EOS 20D body that can’t focus properly. “No biggie – that’s what the warranties are for”, you’d probably think. All you have to do is get the camera to a certified Canon repair shop and, after a day or two, you get it back in full working order, right? Not really, at least not in Croatia! In Croatia, all you’ll get is a “kind” word (“You’re talking bullshit”) in no less than an official memo, a pinch of lies and untruths (“Your camera is working perfectly”, claimed after the shop employee admitted the existance of fault) and a lot (A LOT) of empty promises (“next week”, “next week”, “after the weekend”, “in a few days”…).

Or, you’re a photo-journalist earning a living with an EOS 1D and are just getting ready for your assignment trip to Olympic Games, Athens, when you notice a worldwide known, slight (but potentially critical for the assignment) bug in it’s behaviour. “There’s no cause for alarm”, you think, “that’s what the warranty and repair service are for”. Nope, you guessed it, NOT in Croatia! Because in this beautiful little country, your professional digital SLR has to wait in a queue, along with a hundred little digital compacts. “We’re terribly sorry, it can’t be fixed in less than two weeks”, they say. So, you take the faulty body to Greece with you and walk into a tiny little Canon repair shop there, explain the problem to an easy-going Japanese engineer who nods his head and gives you back your camera, fixed and fully operational, in a matter of hours.


Well, we could go on like this for quite some time. The point is – if you live in or ever come to Croatia, YOU could be NEXT.
If anyone high enough in Canon Inc. is reading this, please, PLEASE HELP US, CROATIAN CANON USERS.

April 11th, 2005

Your pleasure first

I always try to show my vision of some motive on my photos. It is not most important thing to me to harmonize my vision with ability of digital camera. My pleasure is on the first place. So, please do not limitate yourself. Free your creativity and imagination. You need to be wilful until you get your vision on the photo. Try to put your personal sign to every photo no matter how many times that motive was photographed before. I try to show nature as dramatic, contrast, colorful and majestic becuse nature is all that in my eyes. When i photograph in cities i try to represent a life of their citizens. Unfortunately that life is often grey, gloomy and sad. In peoples photography is very important to bite into their personality and bring at least little of that emotions on your photos. To achieve this you need to establish a direct eye contact with your models. Old proverb said:» The eyes are mirror of the soul». So most important thing is to photograph motives that you like and that you are satisfied with your photos. If other people like your works too it is a nice thing, but this should not be your prime goal.

Express yourself

Express yourself