Welcome to my small visual world. My name is Mirko Beović and I will try to bring you my vision of both well-known and unknown places which I have visited around the world over the years – from the deserts of the Middle East to the capital of the United States, and from the Royal Car Museum in Amman, Jordan to a special report from the Geneva Car Show. Just search through galleries, FAQ or Photoblog articles and enjoy your visit.

Kind regards.

Latest blog: No Snow clothing

Nakon kratke kreativne pauze, pred Vama je jedna mala reportažica sa snimanja za finski... Read the rest of this entry »

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Visitor’s quotes

“Jako lijepo.I dizajn i fotke. Posebno mi se svidja priroda. Samo nastavi.”
“Majstorski !”
Vesna in Canada: 
“I love your photos. Do you sell them online anywhere? I've been looking for some Croatian landscape prints to remind me of the homeland!”
“zaboravih...pozdrav iz Brčkog :-))”
“Super su ti fotke :) Posjeti moju stranicu, ima i tamo nesto :)))”
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